Who is Magnus?​

Magnus is a young, passionate and self taught film maker. As a creative film maker with over 60 complete projects, he inspires by setting the bar for unique visuals and strives to evoke emotion in his work.

His diverse film knowledge and relentless spirit of wanderlust has brought him around the world, where he has built a strong reputation as a multi-purposeful creator, entrepreneur and filmmaker.

Why work with Magnus?

As Magnus comes from a background of short film production in high school, his storytelling, combined with his editing skills has allowed him to become a multi purposeful creative with over 5 years of experience in the freelance digital advertising space.

Not only does his diverse portfolio speak for itself, but his curiosity and passion for creating innovative work only gets stronger as time passes. His proficient workflow, impressive turn around times and cinematic approach will leave you impatiently excited to see the final product.